Being from a family of 9 children, Roosevelt and Dora Mae Page taught the values of prayer, hard work, and dedication of family ethics, in which brought our family together in the kitchen and at meal time. Both of my parents were excellent cooks and my dad was a great back yard grill master. My influences came through the love of cooking – that my parents taught so well.

We, the Pit Master Barbeque team, also believe in hard work, dedication, and family ethics. We believe in the authentic southern style cooking, that sticks to the bone. We believe in the value of the dollar, therefore you will always get your monies worth here at the Pit Master Barbeque.

The process of cooking starts with the early hours of morning, fresh vegetables, family secret seasonings and techniques. It was once said, “If you see no wood or smoke… How can it be Barb-e-que?”

Our meat is smoked to perfection, tender and moist and lip smackin’ GOOOOOOOD!

Our choice of sides complete the meal, it is just old fashion American good eating. Our service belief is to serve with a smile, greet our guest with good home hospitality, as if they were a guest in our home.

Our catering service is second to none. Again, your guests are our guests and your pride and joy for the day is also our pride and joy. We look forward to serving you! See you soon!

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